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Midlothian Facts

Population & Demographics

Midlothian is a growing, prospering community in the southern sector of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With a population of 38,000, a rising median income of $85,700, and a diversified, skilled workforce, Midlothian is positioned as a prominent destination for businesses of all sizes. Dive into the facts to learn why our community is on the fast track forward.


At the crossroads of major U.S. highways and just 30 miles from DFW International Airport, Midlothian offers prime access to key markets. Discover how our community is well suited for transportation-heavy industries.


Midlothian is home to a critical mix of skilled labor, professional positions, and a well-rounded community that’s filled with everything from small business owners to advanced manufacturers. With over 900 businesses and more than 8,800 employees, the drive for higher education breeds a local workforce that is well prepared to make something great in Midlothian. The numbers speak for themselves.


Celebrating over 100 years of excellence in education, Midlothian Independent School District is one of the fastest-growing district in Texas. For higher education and career advancement, the Midlothian Higher Education Center (MHEC) offers various bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and connects Midlothian businesses to an educated workforce. Our local leaders continue to ensure that exceptional education remains a top priority in Midlothian.

Tax Incentives & Resources

Among the many reasons companies choose to locate in Texas, having no state income tax is a major draw. The assessed property taxes in Midlothian are significantly lower than many other metropolitan areas that also face health care and additional educational taxes. Learn more about the development-friendly policies and resources Midlothian offers.


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