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Texas State Technical College and
Midlothian Economic Development
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In partnership with local industry, Midlothian Economic Development (MED) is contributing initial funding to the TSTC Foundation’s Texan Success Scholarship to advance technical education and help fuel the community’s talent pipeline. Each scholarship will be $1,000, offering traditional and non-traditional TSTC students a sizeable jumpstart on their tuition. The scholarship will be awarded as $500 each semester.

With technicians in high demand across the region and state, there is no better value for Midlothian students than higher education from TSTC. For an investment of $6,000, a student can earn a technical certificate from TSTC, and for $12,000, a student can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. Many graduates start out making a salary of $40,000 or more, with rapid increases as they gain experience.

“There isn’t a better value than TSTC in higher education right now.
Technicians are in high demand in the region and state now — and will be for years to come — as the state faces the skills gap. Return on investment is like no other. Many of our graduates start out making $40,000 or more each year and see rapid increases as they gain experience.”

- Marcus Balch, Provost for TSTC North Texas

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Recipient(s) should be from the city of Midlothian or Midlothian Independent School District boundaries.
  • Recipient(s) should be enrolled in any program at TSTC North Texas and/or TSTC Waco.
  • Recipient(s) can be either traditional or non-traditional students. To qualify, traditional students must have
    maintained a 2.5 GPA, and non-traditional students must
    have a high school diploma or GED.
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