MED Strategic Plan

Five Year Focus on Projects The future direction of the MED

MED Strategic Plan

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Midlothian Economic Development (“MED”) recently completed its “Five Year Focus on Projects” strategic plan. The plan creates a vision and future direction for the MED that focuses on authorized projects for Type A economic development corporations. As part of the plan, the MED identified a list of qualities and attributes that gives Midlothian its unique character. This list will be used as the MED pursues future projects to ensure that Midlothian preserves its character. The plan focuses on four major categories, (1) attracting companies that export products or services, (2) funding new infrastructure that helps to promote new or expanded business activity, (3) funding job training, and (4) promoting the Midlothian Higher Education Center and other educational opportunities.

Through the implementation of the plan, the MED will build upon the City’s recent economic development highlights which have resulted in major businesses moving to Midlothian, the creation of new jobs, and diversification of our property tax base. Recent economic development highlights include Google’s $600 million data center which is now operational, the Methodist Midlothian Medical Center that opened late last year, and the groundbreakings for Sunrider Manufacturing and Vision Engineering at the Midlothian Business Park.

The MED was created by Midlothian voters to grow our local economy. We encourage all residents and local businesses to get involved and share your ideas and “Make great things with us”. Please reach out to MED staff at 972-723-3800 to share your thoughts about growing our local economy.

Read the report here: MED Strategic Plan

MED Strategic Plan
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